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Postal strikes are so self-defeating for the workers doing them.. One of the key threats to the postal service is competition from other forms of communication, and by going on strike, they only succeed in forcing people to adapt to using those competing channels. The FT noted that it's like turkeys not just voting for Christmas but "coming up with the idea of the traditional Thanksgiving dinner" too, which isn't far off at all. Especially with Christmas coming, how keen are postal workers on showing us that we can do without the Royal Mail?

I've discovered some outstanding work in the area of Star Trek Enterprise fan fic. Uh, I mean, expanded universe novels. In the first novel, we find that Trip didn't die in the last episode, and actually lived to be 120, thank God! I mean, I totally couldn't cope with him dying in that episode, already set several years into the future, and which will never be followed up on-screen by anything further. No characters may ever die. In the second novel, he goes on secret missions and stuff, in what is basically a whole pile of continuity porn, culminating in a happily ever after..

The TV Tropes website is great, up to a point. The actual descriptions of these things are well executed, and so too are many of the examples. But the followups to the examples just devolve into the sort of fandom arguwankery that I try to avoid as much as possible. Somebody will suggest that a particular plot device was used in a particular episode of Doctor Who, and then fans armed with volumes of canon show up and try to argue that actually no, if you watch other episodes, you see how that's not actually the case at all, and the original person has Missed The Point. Ugh..

It's weird how busy everything is going to be over the next two weeks.. Well, not busy, just.. stuff will be happening to disrupt the normal flow of events, like... Naomi is working an extra late shift tomorrow, so no evening then. Thursday is Anna's birthday so I'll be at my parents' house for that evening. Then Naomi is out on Friday evening, since she's going to see Dirty Dancing at the theatre. Then next Wednesday I have front row seats to Arsenal securing Liverpool's exit from the Carling Cup. Should be fun!

Over the past week, I've sent out getting on for one and a half million text messages. I feel pretty good about that. It should be worth a bit of credit, job-wise :o)

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My least favourite thing about the postal strike is that it takes longer for my post to come from Ireland to England than it did from Ireland to New York X-(

Also, I'm glad I'm not the only one who finds it weird when life's normal flow of events gets disrupted.

I have front row seats to Arsenal securing Liverpool's exit from the Carling Cup. Should be fun

I hear taking an oversize balloon is a good way of securing this outcome.

As a consumer rather than a business, it doesn't really matter what you make of the Royal Mail strike. People aren't going to be running to DHL to deliver their Christmas cards any time soon because there isn't a lot we can do without Royal Mail. The likes of DHL are shit for the sort of thing that consumers want to do and make little effort to suggest otherwise. Any damage to Royal Mail on the consumer front will, at worst, be an accelerated inevitability based around new technology.

As for the businesses that matter - and, frankly, we're mainly talking about junk mail here - they will always prefer that their stuff arrives in amongst the rest of the post, often with a stamp attached because they reckon people like that. They tend to take postal strikes in their stride, either delaying a mail-out or begrudgingly going with a competitor as a one-off.

All this is based on my experience alone, of course.

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