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(no subject)
It's kind of weird how multi-variate testing for marketing, and I guess Excel pivot tables, actually sort of give an insight into how to imagine dimensions in the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics. No, seriously..

I mean, in this context, "dimension" doesn't really mean the same as existing spacial dimensions, but it's the more abstract sense of a coefficient which can take on a number of values.

I can't help but think that I should be doing something with these thoughts.. I independently came up with the idea of Quantum Suicide in about 2001, perhaps 2002..? Based on one interpretation of the contradictory Wiki article, the thing was originally posed in 1997. How the fuck am I only half a decade behind on this shit? And why have I not been writing it down the whole time?

Not only that, but I have a whole extension of it in my head, which I really should be writing down.. But I don't know how to fully express it. Not to mention a whole thing about how people give "observers" way more credit than they deserve in quantum mechanics, elevating them to almost mythological status when it's really unnecessary.. It's not science..

Anyway. Point is, I have all this stuff bouncing around in my head, and 99% of it is probably nonsense. But you never know about that other 1%...

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Could you do any extra study in the area? Any opportunity of an advanced degree off what you already have?

I would love to see you expand your thoughts on how pivot tables relate to the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics.

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