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(no subject)
I finally met the chatty Kezia.. Bitch interrupts harder than Kanye, 4srs.. Which works fine, because so do I, and this way I don't have to feel bad about it..

My skills at picking hang-out spots have not deserted me - TMA and Jasna know what I'm talking about - we spent a couple of hours just 30 seconds walk from one of the most impressive views of London, from the railway bridge by Waterloo. We, however, couldn't see that, because we were sitting on a concrete step outside Starbucks, where the only quintessentially London "thing" was the faint smell of the drains.

I'm free to plan events, if anyone is interested. I have an eye for venues...

All in all though, a good evening. Good times :o)

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I could imagine her being rather chatty but a fun person to hang out with.
If I'm ever in London again, I'll expect a good time.

(Deleted comment)
I know, I wasn't invited either. S'very rude.

Interrupting is one of my favourite things to do!

By the way, I had a really irritating tube ride home. Got on the District line, then found out it was terminating at Tower Hill, so I decided, "right, get off at Monument and change for the Central Line". So I did that, but have you ever been in Monument station? The place where you change for Central Line is actually in Bank station, so I had to walk all the way over there, all underground! All the while carrying my bloody Starbucks cup, I should point out, because London is stuck in the eighties and won't provide bins for its citizens (there's a good job for Boris!). It was nearly a fifteen minute walk, and it wasn't even a nice walk because it was all tube station and escalators and stairs :'( Then, when I finally reached the Central Line terminal I had to wait seven minutes for my train -- seven minutes!! X-(

All in all, I think I probably made it home at around the same time as you, in your posh, problem-free Waterloo and City line. Bloody bankers X-(

(Deleted comment)

(A little).

Actually, I've been taking the bus a lot more often now. Way cheaper, and you actually get to see stuff!

(Deleted comment)
Yes! I was pretty confused about the whole geography of my area until I started bussing it. The whole place is making much more sense now :)

Is that the station where you follow the signs and end up at the underground entrance to House of Frasier?

I forget which station that was now, but I never did find the one I was looking for, I swear that House of Frasier employees change the signs when no-one was looking!

I don't think so, but it wouldn't surprise me if it was. Their signposting is rubbish, they direct you to the District and Circle lines first instead of the Central line, just to fool you into thinking your platform is actually nearby, rather than in a different station :-|

Apparently it is! I'm wondering now whether I was doing the same as you, I'm sure all the signposts kept directing me outside as if I was then meant to know where to go from there...

Christ almighty, does nobody listen any more to the announcements that warn you that there's very limited interchange at Bank and Monument stations, and that you're better off forgetting any notions of returning home than trying to get between the two? Because seriously, they're everywhere.. Now you're cursed, and you'll probably die...

It was months ago when I was there and station announcements are hardly a paragon of clarity...

Yeah, all the signs pointing to the Central line were pointing to the way out as well, so I was getting very suspicious on my twelve mile trek through London's underground. I was full sure I'd end up at street level at the end of it.

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