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(no subject)
I could swear I heard explosions out of my window last night.. Might just be the wind carrying the sounds from some sort of military thing going on just outside Aldershot, I dunno.. Was odd though, sounded like constant thunder.

Managed to get an early night and massively sleep in. Granted, that's good for the whole sleeping pattern thing, means I've caught up on anything I've missed, but it's a bit conflicting.. I mean, on the one hand, the weekend is the only real time that I can catch up on sleep, but then again, the weekend is one of the few times when I can really make the most of having some spare time.. I mean, there's way more incentive to go to bed at 10pm on a Saturday, because it means getting up at a good time on Sunday (or so I'd hoped).

Ho hum... Time for breakfast...

(.. or it was, when I wrote this, but hey, since these all go into a timed queue, perhaps it's time for dinner by now..?)

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You put posts to your own journal into a timed queue too?

I was just going to ask this. wtf, James.

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