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You know, in this job I really do live for finding problems..

Increasingly, as I make things easier for myself by designing solutions, I get more and more bored. But all it takes to fire me up is an issue. Like it turns out that 100,000 customer registrations for a service have become corrupted, and somebody (read: me) needs to pull [...] Okay, in the gap where I stopped writing there, I had a fucking awesome brainwave, and needed to send a text message to somebody in another company telling them that as luck would have it, I've been sending them the data they need for months as part of something else. Fucking magic..

So yeah, dealing with problems creatively is what gets me through the day. An easy life is a boring one.

The other thing that gets me through is stupid people, and dealing with them. There's nothing like explaining to somebody why it is that everything they think is complete bullshit, and that they need to have their head examined by a professional. Yesterday, somebody in my team got asked, as a result of the postal strike, how many customers would have physically received a letter that was sent. Like, this person wanted to know if we could identify whose post wouldn't have arrived yet, even though it's all down to pure chance. Like we chip the post or something, and can tell whose has arrived..?

Working? I don't much like working.. Dealing with shit? Bring it on :o)

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I'm getting to hire new people right now as my boss is busy with another task. I FEEL POWERFUL.

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