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(no subject)
It is worth mentioning that when I finally get around to seeking election, for the good of all mankind, one of my core policies will be the abolition of The Sun and all derivative works. Nothing to do with today's headlines, this has always been my stance on that lowest common denominator, hysteria-inducing "newspaper".

But as such, I would be mortified if they ever came out in support of me. I might even go so far as to start asking what I had done wrong.

That they would align themselves with the architects of the European Conservatives and Reformists group within the European Parliament really says a lot about the quality of their political views. This is a group which, among various unpleasant Tories, also contains more than a dozen Polish MEPs whose party is of the opinion that homosexuals are paedophiles, a Latvian MEP whose party warns that non-Latvians are dangerous, and various racist and homophobes. How quickly everybody forgets who David Cameron's friends are when there's an opportunity to be had.

And boy was this an opportunity. By declaring that Brown's speech was crap, and that they're changing their alignment to another party, they make his speech crap kind of by default. It's sort of clever, if you like really basic manipulation without sublety... And hey, we're talking about Sun readers here..

I'd hate to see what they'd do prior to a close election - for the last few decades, they've consistently come out in support of the party that was obviously going to win long in advance.

Here's hoping the country gets the government that the idiotic electorate (most of whom still don't understand how parliamentary democracy works) deserves.