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(no subject)
Well that's something I don't see every day..

I got into London early this morning, and with an hour to kill, I opted to walk up from Waterloo, and figured I'd hang out around Trafalgar Square while there was nobody around.. It was kind of nice really, all quiet, just me, the people cleaning the place, and some guy called Jonathan, who was on the fourth plinth. Oh, and the pair of Harris Hawks, who were there terrorising the pigeons.

As anybody who spends much time in London knows, pigeons are the f'king devil, and anything that's bad for them is generally good for the rest of the universe. As such, the GLA spends a decent chunk of money every year on hiring hawks to scare the pigeons away from Trafalgar Square, on account of them being natural pigeon predators and all. And boy does it work - it was awesome to see them swoop down from the columns in front of the National Gallery and chase off great flocks of pigeons.

And the birds themselves were beautiful.. I would rather like to have one, if it's convenient, thanks...

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They could do with some of those hawks in Leicester Square as well. Luckily, the East End is relatively pigeon-free. We just have criminals.

so that's why there were so many fewer pigeons this time around than ten years ago...

Bahhh that's awesome. I wish I had seen hawks there, and about 90% fewer pigeons.

Burrrrh, I thought Atlanta pigeons were disgusting enough.

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