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Are you all stupid? Or is it some sort of disorder?
Even stupid Jacqui Smith is getting in on this farce over Megrahi..

She's complaining that he got to go home, "in a way in which his victims were not able to".

I honestly don't understand people's need to draw these sorts of parallels as a means of criticising the decision. He was also awarded a fair trial, something that his victims were denied, should that not have been the case? He was fed, and housed, and looked after for years, unlike his victims, were we wrong there too? He was not tossed screaming from a plane at 30,000 feet to suffocate and freeze in the icy cold air before being pulverised upon impact into a Scottish village, but his victims were - when will the inequity end?!

Y'know, there are reasons to deny him compassionate release. You can argue that he hadn't served enough of his sentence, or that he did not show the requisite remorse and acceptance, or that in fact there *is* a limit to compassion.

But to argue it from an "eye for an eye" platform wherein he must be denied everything that his victims were denied, that's just bollocks.. If this whole thing "damages our special relationship with the US", then it's because their country operates as an emotionally immature child, taking things overly personally, holding grudges at a national level on behalf of ~poor victims~ (whilst taking no real responsibility for, say, blowing up Iranian passenger jets), and throwing its toys out of the pram if it doesn't get its way. "You can't be our friend because you don't do everything we tell you to!"

They're like that mentally unhinged friend, who's kind of good to have on your side sometimes, but seriously, dude's a scary fucking nutcase, and everybody would be better off if they just got grounded or something....

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That's no way to talk about TMA.

I was thinking of a certain one of your "friends", actually.. :o)

Also, this comment is blatantly derivative of your reply to Naomi's recent Facebook status.

It's part of a trilogy and, unfortunately for you, it's one of those trilogies in which the third film mirrors the first.

LOl, but I can't really disagree with anything.

mentally unhinged friend' so very true :D

much like the healthcare issue in the US people are passionate about this. And passion often breeds stupidity.

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