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(no subject)
Crap, I just remembered my dream last night, and now I wish I hadn't..

There wasn't all that much to it - I basically dreamed that Naomi had a baby, with a labour that only took about half an hour (which would be nice).. And then once the baby had actually arrived, and I held it, and looked at it, good God, the amount of pure joy I felt in the dream was just unreal..

It was quite disappointing to wake up from that one, alone in bed, at about 4:30am... :o(

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Whereas I had a dream in which I personally had a miscarriage. I wonder what this says about the difference between us.

Oh my god, you're preggers! :D

:) That is a really lovely dream. I hope it will happen for you in real life one day.

I hate waking up from dreams like those. Though, to be fair, even though I'm sad that there isn't a newborn next to me when I wake up, there's usually a Nick going, "May I have oatmeal, please," with his nose just inches from my face. You can borrow him on Tuesdays and Thursdays if you really need to.

I dreamed I was pregnant the other night and felt only pure horror.
Maybe if I had been looking at the product of the pregnancy, a pretty little baby, instead of a swollen belly I'd have felt better about it.

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