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(no subject)
Awww, I just saw a cute little fox :o)

Back to work after four days away - fun fun!

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Four days off makes going back so hard for me.

I wish I lived somewhere where I could happen across wild foxes - they're beautiful and interesting animals. All I get is fat raccoons in my back yard.

I dunno, I'd swap a fox for a raccoon any day... That'd be much cooler (from the perspective of a country that does not have raccoons...)

Not dead on the road, I hope? :'(

Nope, it was just nipping into a little disused shed by the side of the railway :o)

Aw :) People always go on about how you're never more than twenty feet away from a rat or whatever, but I like to think the same thing of foxes, because they're everywhere!

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