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(no subject)
I have made some serious improvements to my site's running efficiency..

Based on the web logs, I've worked out which PHP scripts get the most hits, and gone through the top 30 or so and recoded them so that every database call actually fires through a wrapper which times the processing time required for the query to run, and if it exceeds two seconds, it stores the details of the query in a table.

So with that, I've been able to identify the problem queries, and optimise them. Now, other than the daily archive script that runs at 6am every day, there's nothing left that takes more than two seconds to run. Except for the occasional burp, where for a few seconds, everything is taking ten seconds to run, regardless of what the query is actually doing - pretty easy to identify that as just being a site issue, not a coding issue.

It's good to be good :o)

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Do the memoized queries expire?

I manually purge them from time to time, but it's only logging about ten per day right now, so it's not too big a deal...

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