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(no subject)
The cat has gone home now, bless her..

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Oh my god, "home" isn't a euphemism for heaven, is it? D-:

I came here to ask this :(

That's what I thought, too. :(

Believe me, of all the places the cat might have come from, or might go, heaven is bottom on the list...

Alfie doesn't appreciate your betrayal


1. Alfie is too stupid to comprehend the situation
2. Alfie never cuddles me, so has no right to control who does
3. Alfie likes the smell of Cavatina on my rucksack, so she probably approves anyway
4. Alfie is pretty stupid

Sorry your cat is stupid :o(

I tend to think her more intelligent than anyone who gets beaten up by her then claims it's only because they let her.

Would you think me brighter if I stood on her head next time, thus claiming ultimate victory?

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