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(no subject)
Facebook just crossed a line in their "Recommend a Friend" batshittery..

I'm not going into details, but seriously, I don't know what their systems are doing exactly, but roughly speaking, they are drilling holes into the fabric of the fucking universe and plucking out people who should NOT be findable..

I must understand how this is done...

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I think their mechanism uses various criteria:
* it includes people who have searched your name in the past
* friends of friends (though that one is fairly obvious)
* people who have the same contact information as you (this one i know because there's a really stupid lady out there who keeps mis-typing her phone number and putting my number instead of hers)
* the above point leads me to think that they may go deeper and use any number of commonalities in a user's profile to identify "people you may know"

It really is a stalker's wonderland.

This seems to happen to a lot of people. I kind of wish I could have some freaky suggestion waiting for me someday.

Email me. I want to know what this is about. And this:


Hmm, doesn't seem to be happening now. That URL automatically appeared in my comment box. I figured you'd broken something.

ugh, I hate that feature. facebook suggests lots of people from both my alma maters, and I either don't know them or would rather not be in touch with them. If I wanted to friend people from undergrad, I would have done so already.

Also annoying are some people from high school who consistently try to friend me (I bet I appear in their possible friends thing). Again, if I wanted to friend you, I would have. Move on.

My ads are always for people who want me to give them my babiez. Effers.

Lots of people say this but it recommends no-one of interest to me. My recommendation list seems to be filled with friends of friends (that I don't know), people who went to Hull Uni (that I didn't know) or pages my friends find interesting (that I don't).

Edited at 2009-08-27 04:55 pm (UTC)

Yes, it's rather creeptastic. Mine keeps suggesting my mother-in-law, though I have long since removed my ex from my list.

I haven't had any creepy suggestions. :(

I don't get it. I never get eery "how did you know?!" recomendations (and I think facebook might use friends of friends of friends searches for that one) but I do get random recomendations for people I've heard of, share no common interests/networks/locations with, and who (assumably) have never heard of me. People living half way across the continent!

It recommended me to someone I'm friends with here on LJ... and this is the only place I'm friends with them. We've never emailed, we have no mutual friends on facebook. Nothing besides LJ. It's sincerely creepy. They have to be cyber-stalking us somehow.

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