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Let's see..


Victim of Card fraud. Pain in the ass. Waiting on an investigation... Had been hoping to clear that card down and use it for balance transfers, but that's not really possibly under the current circumstances. Fingers crossed for a swift resolution.

Spent the latter end of last week and much of the weekend feeling unwell. Still not 100%, but not far off.

Mildly annoyed by people who volunteer to do things for me at work and go and fuck them up - hard to be annoyed because their hearts are in the right place, but damnit do they make things difficult sometimes..


I could sit and read things like this for hours. Geek.

Housewarming party on Saturday with Chris, Wendy and Raquel, had awesome cocktails, fun drinking games, all good fun :o)

Went for a walk on Sunday with Naomi.. Good to get out and about, and we found the pub we went to the other week, so that was nice :o)

I may have found a Frisbee team to train with. Which would be good, because I could do with the exercise, and the motivation to be fitter. Not 100% sure that they're training over the summer, but I can find out.. Then I just need to, y'know, actually give it a shot. It's within walking distance of home though, so that's good :o)

Got Internet access at home, and also got cable TV. And, for the month of August, I have ESPN, which means I got to see part of the Arsenal match on Saturday. Winning 6-1 is definitely one for the Positive column.

I think that's mostly positives...

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If I were prone to committing identity theft (I am not), you would certainly be one of the last people I would consider defrauding.

> Victim of Card fraud.

You didn't say!

> Pain in the ass.

Oh God, I remember. It's happened to me at least twice

We had our card cloned in Paris about 6 months ago. There was actually a phone message from the bank when we got home because of the suspcious activity on our card (1€ transfer to the Red Cross is apparently a big red flag), and while they changed out the cards very quickly, it did take a couple of weeks to get them to understand that no, we did not buy 400€ worth of cheap, unattractive clothing from an internet site in Sweden.

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