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(no subject)
Now I'm just thinking out loud here..

How difficult could it possibly be to rig up a sensor in the back garden (tied into movement detection within the garden or the opening of the back gate, either way) which was connected to some sort of control mechanism within the house which, provided it was set to "on", then triggered "events" within the house.

That is to say, if I go out, I switch on my James Security System. If somebody then enters my back garden, this causes a light to come on inside the house. Perhaps this causes one light to go on for a pre-determined period of time, then another to come on a little after, then the first to go off. Y'know, if I'm being all flash and shit, then I don't see why I'd have to just stop at "movement = light" when I could give the impression of active occupancy.

Hell, with a (pre-tuned) radio tied into the system, it would be possible for a light to come on, followed by sound (though if the double glazed windows are shut, then that's not going to help much since it won't carry).

Still, point is, it shouldn't be that hard to tie in an infra-red sensor to some sort of light control system. And if it worked on a delay, in tandem with security lights in the back garden anyway, then the impression would be that a person has entered our back garden, the security light has come on, and this has prompted some sort of movement in the house. Surely that's enough to scare off anybody except a full-on home-invader, and that's not likely to happen here because seriously, we don't have enough stuff for it to be worth it..

Oh, the fun I could have with that.... :o)

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Automated Home Alone.

I saw that movie - it was the fourth in the franchise.

I heard they added burglars to the sequels to spice them up. Seems unnecessary to me.

rockin around the christmas tree will be stuck in my head all night now. Ta

but yeah, saw Jason Bradbury give a presentation on home automation and how damned easy it is.

As I read this, I thought of you as a grown up version of the home alone kid. The way he rigs the house to make it look like a Christmas party is going on... Hah.

It's actually really easy to rig up. You can get the movement sensors that usually shine a light on the backyard. Buy two, rig one up outside normally. For the second one all you have to do is disconnect the light fitting, and extend the wiring between the sensor and the light. Mount the light in the house with the sensor outside. If you use a lot of wiring there is a couple of seconds of delay between the first sensor going off, and the second light in the house coming on. If you are feeling tricky you could probably hook up the sensor to a christmas light display and end up like the kid in home alone.

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