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(no subject)
How do normal people perceive movement without considering inertial frames of reference and equal and opposite reactions?

Or listen to music without trying to pick apart every instrument?

Or just use the Internet without knowing how protocols, services and databases work?

I wonder if it's possible to shut my brain off, in a temporary and non-fatal way, just to see what it's like to perceive without understanding, or rather without even wanting to understand... Might be interesting..

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Dear Livejournal, what's it like to not be superior?

When are you going to cut the sarcasm and teach me how to be dumb like you? :oP

Is there a reason why Livejournal specifically neglected to notify me of this comment? :/

I'm not as intense as you when it comes to this which is probably why I'm able to turn it on and off. Much as I enjoy my tendency to pick arrangements apart, I'd hate to feel compelled to do so.

They were just talking about a condition in Prison Break where the person takes in EVERYTHING, down to its smallest piece.

They say that it can drive people with low IQ's pretty much into brain mush land, but that people with high IQ's, they become savants of some sort (hence Michael Scofield).

I presume it's like a synesthete trying to perceive the world through the eyes of a non-synesthete -- it's impossible.

Just think back to your childhood and you'll remember.

Or, pick a subject you know nothing about and then compare your understanding with someone more proficient in that subject area.

Or, if that fails, ponder some of the subject areas that mankind has no understanding of whatsoever.

There are many ways to position yourself as consciously incompetent. However, by its very definition, you will never experience unconscious incompetence because, well, you can work it out.

Unless of course you understand the intricacies of everything in the human world in great detail ... but we both know thats not likely.

So - a world of ignorance awaits ... enjoy :)

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