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(no subject)
You know what's not great about this haircut?

A good haircut (for a man) should, at least initially, enable one to look presentable with minimal effort. That's kind of the point - it should just fall into place.

Mine does not do that. With a slightly-more-than-minimal effort I can make it look good, but as soon as that wears off (or if I can't be arsed to do it in the first place), then it looks crap. Ugh..

I guess this is one of those "you get what you pay for" things - I could have gotten a great haircut for about three times the price, but hey, that would only last for a couple of weeks before it would just be bland anyway, so where's the point?

Also, I have a job. A good one. So that's nice :o)

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You should have multi-functional hair like me. I'm sporting the crazy curl look today. Mainly because it's too humid to sport anything else...

And I never get expensive haircuts. My hair grows far too fast for any of that nonsense.

Sorry to hear about the haircut. That is truly devastating.

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