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(no subject)
Right, so, last night was actually surprisingly fun..

I say surprisingly because TMA was in charge of things, and it still turned out to be a really good evening :o)

Since I like maps and all, here's one showing the four(ish) mile wander that TMA and I went on, in the course of picking various people up from their respective locations..

So yeah, met up with TMA around Leicester Square, headed up to.. I dunno.. whatever you call Carrie's area of London... Wandered around there plenty to kill time, met up with Carrie, and then spent quite some considerable energy telling her just how serious she is. Y'know, to lighten the mood.. ;o)

We wandered (there's lots of wandering in this story) over to Russell Square to wait for Kezia, whose silly Irish plane was late, probably for racist reasons... We saw the absolute most cute puppy in the universe (I think it was a beagle) along with a rather elderly Pyrenean Mountain Dog, which managed to sit down and then just couldn't bring itself to get back up again... The puppy's name was Bob, as I recall, and it rather liked Carrie (who very nearly snatched the thing away from the poor kid who was walking it)...

Eventually, Kezia managed to stop being quite so Irish, and actually showed up - easily spotted in a fetching orange jacket. Though also she does look more or less like her pictures on the Internet, which was another clue to the fact that it was her. So having acquired our full complement, we made our way down to Covent Garden for dinner, variously chatting along the way.

Upon arrival at Covent Garden, I had to absent myself to make use of the facilities, so I didn't actually get to see what the street performer guy was doing - somebody else will have to fill in that bit. It involved being on top of a pole though. Obviously what I was doing was a little more important... Anyway, shortly thereafter we went to the restaurant, Porters, which sells English food, with just a slight over-doing of nationalist pride.

The ladies both had Wild Boar sausage with mashed potato, I had mine with chips, and TMA had to be different by ordering cod, presumably because there's a lot of scope for puns in fish names. Refreshingly, without the two second pause to think up hilarious things to say, the scope for punning was drastically reduced all evening, which I think made everyone happy. Except TMA. And Kezia. But forget those guys...

Anyway, turns out that onion and ale gravy is delicious - who knew? I could have gone for twice as much as I had, though that probably correlates quite strongly with TMA calling me fat all the time, so it's probably for the best that I did not.. Pudding was pleasant but unremarkable, in spite of claims on the menu that their puddings are the reason why England has not been successfully invaded since 1066 (presumably because we had nothing delicious to come here for..?).

After food, and our generous 30% tip (see, we're good tippers over here!), we went to The Sussex at the bottom of Upper St Martins Lane for drinks, which were surprisingly inexpensive. Vodka came in at under £2.50 per shot, meaning that my usual double was less than a fiver - much better than I had expected. That said, we didn't drink too much, it wasn't one of those nights out.. We mostly just sat around downstairs, chatting about stuff (mostly other people in AMA and their various dark secrets), until closing time.

I'd like to think that by now the interpersonal dynamic is starting to gel - TMA, Carrie and I have spent about twelve solid hours together over the last month or so, which is not an insignificant amount of time, and aside from the fact that Carrie spent the last couple of hours of the evening trying to fall asleep, I think the whole thing works rather well. It's nice to actually have, y'know, friends that you can hang out with.. Hopefully once Kezia is properly installed over here, we can do that a bit more often - this "social life" thing isn't really so bad :o)

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(Deleted comment)
I'm telling you, it was a Great Pyrenees:

Also, your use of a smiley to appear un-serious is far too blatant - try harder ;o)

(Deleted comment)
CTRL-C / CTRL-V too many keystrokes for you? :oP

(Deleted comment)
Wow, way to make me look like an asshole for picking on the disabled :o(

(Deleted comment)
AHA! See, I was only joking (you can tell because I used a sad face, and as a bastard, I wouldn't really care if I was being sincere), but you didn't realise, because you're really serious.

Ha! :D

(Deleted comment)
Suddenly this doesn't feel like as much of a victory as I thought it was.... :o\

(Deleted comment)
No change there then.... :o)

Aww, James likes having friends! Who'd have thought that? ;)

Sounds like y'all had a good time! Glad you're settling in with good friends :)

where are the pictures?! i want photos


Stupid Aer Lingus X-(

Oh my God, it was the cutest puppy in the world.. I just did a Google Image Search for beagle puppies, and nothing on the first four pages came even close...

Carrie will tell you all about it :o)

Ye didn't mention the puppy at all! Probably for the best, I would have been too upset about missing it :(

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