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(no subject)
I thought I would jump on the meme bandwagon, because I like bandwagons. And memes. And talking, which this one seems to involve. As such,
Give me five topics to discuss and I'll discuss them here, in order. They can be any topics you like! I'll discuss anything.
Hit me. Or don't. Bastards.

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Ricky Gervais.
The greatest song in the world.
the greatest crime you've ever contemplated in your head

Your dream job
Raising children
Metaphysical things you can't live without
Ideal government model

Boris Johnson.
Margaret Thatcher.
Robert Kilroy-Silk.
Tony Blair.
Gordon Brown.

Take that back, that's fecking ridiculous :oP

No way! What's wrong with it? You can surely write something about all those people, they're perfectly valid suggestions :)

Expect very brief reports on each :oP

You just missed the opportunity to get me to write something interesting, I hope you know what you've cost the world....

I think those people are very interesting, and I expected you to write very interesting things on each of them :'( Sniffle.

Idiot, Evil, Racist, Misunderstood, Blundering fool

Tell me I haven't captured the essence of each and every one :oP

What makes him such an idiot? What about her was so evil, and which of her policies demonstrated this the clearest? What's so racist about him, and what is his political history like? Why was/is he misunderstood (that't the most interesting one)? Is he really a blundering fool, and how?

C'mon James! You could easily get an interesting paragraph on each of those.

Meh, you're already pretty far down the list, I'll give you false hope that I might get around to it sometime, and leave it at that ;o)

I'm sorry that my topics are too difficult :'(

Your childhood fears
Local urban legends
Your father's photography
"the good old days" (whatever that means to you)
Something incomprehensibly technical that's exciting to you

Rain, Scotland, Puzzles, how the internet has changed society, charitable organizations

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