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(no subject)
The house is great, I'm really liking it. But things being great doesn't lend itself to much material, not least of all because the best description of the house I can give is a set of pictures and video. Which will not be forthcoming just yet, because I won't be back online until August 13th. Don't even get me started on that.....

But no, what I've come to say is that the buses in Guildford are basically shit. See, my route between home and the station is a circular route - that is to say, the bus goes from the bus station to the bus station, via my house and a ton of other places. Seems simple enough.

The problem is, the frequency of the buses works like this - it's a circular route, with what seems to be a fixed number of buses running. That means that the next bus will arrive whenever it finished the last circle, right?

Problem is, total journey time increases with traffic density. Obviously. So at rush hour, the buses take longer to make a circuit, and therefore, the amount of time between buses increases. That is to say, when it comes to the time that everyone is getting out of work, the buses stop being every twenty minutes, and drop back to once per half hour. This is a very clever way of fucking with commuters - screwing the timetables when the buses are going to be used the most. Bravo!

I think I'm just going to get myself a bike...

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I was going to suggest cycling when I saw your last sentence ;)

It's only just over 2 miles from your house to the train station by the looks of it on the map, so walking is an option too - admittedly not a quick one. Cycling is okay, but that depends on the quality of the bike racks at the station - cheap bike could well do the trick (but for the love of God speak to me before buying any bicycle...)

The 13th of August is a great date.

(It's also my birthday.)

A bike sounds like a great idea! It would give you a lot more freedom than a bus, and a bike is just something that's nice to have, anyway.

A bike could definitely help you out with the time - cause that's balls! Why will you be offline for so long?

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