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Odd dream...
So yeah, we were at the flat, and Chris, Mike, Dan, Grant, Becca, Ed, and a load of other people came down to visit me. So we decided to go out into Brighton. We figured that going to the Honey Club would be fun, so we tried there - everybody went in, and it was only me and Ed left. Ed tried to get in, and (quite rightly) they told him he wasn't old enough. Then a limo pulls up outside, and Snoop Dogg gets out, and I point him out to Ed, which makes him happy again. Snoop then goes into the club with an entourage of bodyguards and such. Ed and I walk around a bit, and then find the back door to the club. Just as we find it, Chris and Dan come out, claiming that somebody shot at them. We decide to leave, and come back to the flat.

Back at the flat, we decide to watch DVDs. It's meant to be my room, but it's not really - it's like a room out of the dream I had a few weeks ago (reminder for me: Where I'm trying to get home, and it's by some docks, and there's a sunken house in the hills, and there are train tracks). Anyway, a load of us are watching DVDs in there, and Chris tells me he needs a haircut. I decide to shave his head for him, so I put shaving foam all over his head, and try to shave his head with my Gillette Mach 3. Doesn't work - what a big surprise. That's about it.

On the subject of dreams, though, there are a few dreams that I will never forget, for no apparent reason:
  • My first ever dream that I've remembered - the blackness, with the eyes in it. Scary
  • The dream at 6pm, by the church back in Chinnor, with Grannie, and the churchbells are ringing, and everything is bathed in the orange glow from the street lamps
  • The dream where I'm in a forest with lots of hills in it, somehow connected to Grannie's house
  • The dream where we go to St Davids on a school trip, and we go down a road which heads downwards, on the left as you're leaving the city, which winds around and goes over a stream
  • The dream where we go along the road from St Davids to the caravan, which has all sorts of hillocks to the right as you go towards the van, and we stand on those, and cars roll down the road and stuff
  • The dream where I go down a road on the right at a junction between Chinnor and Princes Risborough, and find myself at Adam's house, in this odd new village. This is the dream that prompted me to draw a map of the town that always features in my dreams
Long list :o)

Anyhow, those won't mean anything to anybody but me, but heck, it's my journal, after all.... Perhaps there's some deep meaning in the whole thing which will help people to better understand me, although I'm somewhat doubtful :o)

Anyway, in other news, I've been granted an extension by Jianfeng Feng, my AI lecturer - he's giving me until I'm fully recovered, whenever that might be. Very kind of him. He says to just hand it in at his pidgeonhole, but I may e-mail it to him once I've completed it and hand him in the hard copy when I get back, just to show when it is that I finish the work. Still not heard back from the CompSci guy, having sent a second e-mail. Well, if I don't hear back, then I'll just assume I have an extension, and have done with it. Feeling a lot more relaxed now, and restful (partly because I've slept all day)


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