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(no subject)
I was watching a sort of real life Full Monty thing about some guys who, due to the recession, are out of work and got roped into stripping as a one off thing, and it got me to thinking about university, and my propensity later on to get a bit naked on stage in front of audiences...

With that in mind, I looked up the relevant journal entries..

Oh, and cool bit (from my perspective). The DJ offered a free bottle of champagne to the first girl to get bra-less. Nobody did it. Then he offered a free bottle to any guy who gave him his boxer shorts. Immediately somebody did - see, guys have less inhibitions. I decided that I wanted in on this champagne deal, so I asked the DJ if, in the event of me getting stark bollock naked, I'd win champagne. He told me that I'd get my chance later.

Shortly afterwards, he announced that ten people were going to play a game, five girls and five guys, and that the winners would get a couple of bottles of champagne. And since Vicky and Penny were partly behind the whole thing, I automatically got picked to play, woo. The game was this - the dance floor was cleared, and everybody gathered around to watch. We were then told that the winning pair would be the first to swap all their clothes - the girl had to be wearing everything the guy had on (boxers included), and vice versa.

Now by this point, just as in Manchester that time, I was well up for getting naked. Almost everything came off, until I was stood there in my boxers, waiting for Vicky to swap out of some of her clothes. But the moment never came - she straight-off refused to take her knickers off, and without that, we couldn't win. Cue me standing around in my tiger-pattern boxers in front of an audience for a while longer, until one team won. Music came back on, and I danced around a bit more. Then I put my clothes back on. I wish I'd got properly naked - it's not often that people see a naked guy with a pink mohawk - it's the sort of thing they'd remember...

For a while after that, girls would come up to me and tell me well done, or comment on my hair, or (more often) my boxer shorts. It was all cool :o) I decided at that point that I would wear said boxer shorts the next day, over the top of my playing shorts. So I did - I played all the later games of the Sunday in my regular kit, plus tiger boxers over the top. I got many comments, which was all good - it's all about being memorable.
Okay, let's get the big detail out of the way first - I won a bottle of champagne at Creation for performing a striptease on a stage in front of the whole club to I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day. It was quite an achievement, since there were a lot of people there... People I knew, too... Let's list them...

Claire, Vicky, Adele, Jamie, Cat, Cat's 2 flatmates, Jacqueline, Satu, Mikey, Lewis, Lara, Felix, David, Staffan, Helena, Marlene...

However, I didn't go all the way. I got down to my boxers, showed a good deal of my frontal area without quite showing that (but if they'd looked closely they'd have been able to see my hernia scar, which is quite low down), then turned around and bared my ass for them. Then I stopped. But I got the champagne, so hey :o)

After that, I got people telling me I had a really nice arse (3 people said that, cos it's true), people telling me I had a nice body (2 lunatics), and a lot of people offering me drinks (I declined, I had a big bottle of drink). But anyway, I've skipped a few steps, let's go back to the beginning...

They announced that they had prizes to be won by people if they stripped, and after a lot of persuading by Vicky and Claire, I decided to go for it, so I sneaked off when they weren't looking. Everybody was rather surprised to see me on the stage :o)

I was the runner up in the stripping contest, but I should've won - I took more off than anybody, except this one guy who got totally starkers. But he just did it by taking his clothes off - the idea of stripping to music is that you flow with the music, and take things off in time. I did this. Man was I good at it :o) Real Full Monty style stuff... Anyway, I had a good time. And afterwards, people kept coming up to me, which I took as a good sign, even if they were all insane :o) I really should've worn my tiger boxers, but I didn't know in advance... Instead I was wearing my plaid silk boxers ($5 at Wal*Mart, or something)... Bah...
Ah, memories... :o)