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(no subject)
There's a little corner of Stoughton (where Naomi and I are moving to) that has obviously been named according to a theme.. Whereas in Bristol we had Agate, Beryl, Pearl, Ruby, Jasper and Garnet streets, here we have:

Saffron Platt
Marjoram Close
Tarragon Drive
Cardamom Close
Caraway Place
Tamarind Close
Coriander Crescent
Oregano Way
Cinnamon Gardens

Clearly somebody looked to their spice rack for inspiration there.. :o)

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No Basil Lane? Curry Drive? Paprika Street? How disappointing.

Tell me about it - what sort of half arsed spice rack is this?!

Sounds to me more like they're taking their inspiration from what chavs name their kids!

Are you saying I live in a chavy area, pikey? :oP

No! :(

I'm just saying that you can draw inspiration from your local area when it comes to naming your future kids :)

Isn't Saffron Platt a character in Coronation Street?

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