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Still Alive
And still medicated.

To come, my dream. As a reminder for myself - trying to get Ed into a nightclub, Snoop Dogg, Shooting, Watching DVDs in a room, Three rooms together, Shaving Chris's head, King of the Waters.

Right. Bizarre? Just wait until I write about the actual dream. But for now, I'm off back to bed.

Oh and Dad? I got an e-mail from Jianfeng Feng, my AI lecturer. He asked when I wanted to hand in the assignment. I asked when would be best for him, since I don't know entirely when I'll be better. Still waiting to hear from him. Not heard anything from Guy (my Programming lecturer) yet. But I'm not too concerned - I alerted him to the situation well in advance (well, a couple of days) of the deadline, so I think I ought to be OK there.

Anyhow, more later.


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