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I'm rich!!
Aha! The fools at Subway gave me twenty five Canadian cents in change instead of a 10p piece!

Google politely informs me that this denomination is in fact worth more than 13p!

The design on it is a bunch of little Canadians with flappy heads, stood behind a Canadian flag, with fireworks going off behind them, to celebrate the year 2000.. Bless :o)

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Our quarters are often the canvas for whatever art we deem necessary at that time. It's a sad ploy to get us collecting. They did the same with our bills, when they re-issued enhanced security ones. Little sketches and poems and the like. No wonder we're mocked. :'(

Hardly - I've been conned into collecting this:

It's not just you :o)

At least yours remain somewhat regal (though I'd still spend them, not keep).

quarters are our most unique coins. Any time there's anything to celebrate or mention or support, they toss out some quarters with new faces. It's pretty cool, really...

I quite liked the poppy ones and the breast cancer ones with the red poppies and pink ribbons :)

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