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(no subject)
It turns out, sometimes I find myself too far up my own arse to function properly.

So a woman stopped me on the street earlier to ask "Is this Oakley?"

Now the correct answer to the question is that yes, the place we were in was formerly the hamlet of Oakley, subsumed into the village of Chinnor in the 1960s and 70s due to the construction of the Mill Lane estate, though development along Oakley Road since the 1920s to provide housing for workers at the cement works had already led to the two being roughly contiguous.

The answer she probably wanted was that no, she's probably looking for the other Oakley, twelve miles away and in another county.

The answer I gave was that this used to be called Oakley, yes - what exactly was she looking for?

So y'know, not the worst response I could have given..

Then she says she's looking for a pub called The Chandos Arms.

The correct answer to the question is that I know the name of every pub within a three mile radius, going back a hundred and fifty years, and a pub with that name has never existed. I could name about eighteen pubs that have existed over that time, and their locations, and none of them are called The Chandos Arms.

What she was probably looking for, answer-wise, was that she must have the wrong Oakley, because that pub doesn't exist here, and that she might want the other Oakley, 12 miles away.

The answer she got was that there was no pub of that name around here, sorry.

So not the most informative of responses.. To be fair, it was only after she drove off that I even remembered about the other Oakley (since it's a good three towns away), so not really my fault. But I think that if I'd been employing more of the analytical problem solving skills, and fewer of the local history ones, I might have managed to work it out.

Oh well. Hope she finds where she's going anyway...