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Just ten days to go now..

It's been what, fifteen, sixteen months since Naomi and I last lived together full time? And now it all just comes down to these last ten days.

Of those, Monday night is going to be spent at Naomi's house, and Wednesday and Thursday will be spent in Guildford together, so really we're only talking seven days, more or less.

Next Wednesday evening, once we're finally in, I'm going to spend some time de-spidering the house. Without any furniture in there, it should hopefully be fairly easy. Every corner, every cupboard, every window, everything. There will be no spiders when Naomi moves in :o)

And then perhaps we can get back to, or indeed re-discover, some sort of sense of normality. Having our own space again - not just space that's ours, but space that we own, and can do with as we wish.. Being able to spend evenings in front of the TV, or cooking, or doing whatever we want, without having to consider anybody else in the world - it'll be bliss :o)

It's weird, because I keep on thinking back to the first time we officially moved in together, which was more than three years ago now, and I still get the same rush of excitement at the thought of doing it all over again. In spite of how nice it's been living with my family again, and exploring the countryside for the last year, living with Naomi is the happiest I've ever been, and I really can't wait to get back to that :o)

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I think its beautiful that you love her so much. I hope your house is everything you want it to be!

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