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Part 1 - Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
In the spirit of, y'know, keeping a journal and everything, I guess I should talk a little about the past week, since it's been fairly eventful...

So on Wednesday, Jasna (thewebmistress) came over from Canada (by way of the Netherlands).. This required me to trek into deepest, darkest Essex in order to pick her up from the woefully desolate Harwich International, which is basically a room with a pier attached to it. Correction - two rooms. I'd hate to feel like I was giving an inaccurate portrayal..

Anyhow, so from there we had then head back into London, and get her to her hostel, which is in an old Magistrates Court - rather nice building really.. With hindsight, maybe that's why the place is called "Clink" - that would make sense..

So yeah, it was all rather good - as far as I recall, there were no horribly awkward silences, or anything of that nature, and certainly by the end of the journey she was talking plenty.. Ooh, and we saw where they're building all that crap for the Olympics, which was nice..

So yeah, I headed back to Naomi's house to lie in wait, so to speak, since she didn't know I'd be there.. I greeted her at the door on Thursday morning when she got in from her night shift, which seemed to come across like a nice surprise :o) Then we spent about an hour cuddling in bed before I had to leave for work, and let her get some sleep. With any luck, that'll be her last night shift before we're living in Guildford anyway :o)

Anyway, moving on to Thursday then, I met up with Jasna in the afternoon by my work and went for a wander.. Down to Trafalgar Square, then took the tube up to Regents Park, then hung out there a while, then out to get a bit of lunch, then tube to Embankment, and walked along the South Bank to Tower Bridge. It's probably worth mentioning that while we were in the park, we watched a very friendly squirrel get a little too friendly with the leg of a man who was offering to feed it.. Personally, I could do without rodents climbing up my legs, it doesn't seem like the most fun way to contract disease...

So in any case, the whole day was roughly characterised by walking around a lot and sitting under a lot of trees, which seems to be my default way of spending time in London, and therefore sharing that experience with other people is showing them my London, rather than whatever it is that everyone else does.. We ended the day in Green Park, in constant fear that we were about to get shat on by a particularly poorly placed pigeon. Fun times!

On Friday night I went to Naomi's, where we ordered pizza and watched Twilight. I think I can safely say that it's the most poorly executed adaptation of a book I've ever seen. I mean for starters, no back-story for anybody outside the main cast. Carlisle? Meh, he's just some dude, y'know? Alice? Yeah, totally normal but for the fact that she can see the future. No reference to anything in James's past either. So when Alice pulls James's head off (this is not in the book) it should be a big character moment really, but it's not, because we don't even know about their history.

And the pace of the plot was just ridiculous.. It's like they worked out all the bits in the book that drag on, and just decided to forget them, and hoped that the whole thing hung together anyway. The relationship between Bella and Edward felt forced, because it all happened within the space of about twenty seconds. Similarly, the rush to the ridiculous fight-scene finale was unnecessary, and removed a great deal of the suspense around the whole chase thing. Not to mention the fact that character motivations were near enough absent.

Finally, the casting was all wrong. I mean, I even knew how they looked before I read the book, and still they're not how I pictured them. Bella is much too attractive, and Edward is much too niche-market - I won't say he's not attractive, but he's certainly not "hot" in the way that he's meant to be - irresistable to all girls, that sort of thing. It made the scene where he talked about being designed to be good looking kind of laughable. The only vampire that really pulled it off was Alice, because she *was* hot, though I suspect that sort of sentiment might land me in jail or something.. :o\

Anyway, outrage aside, it was a good evening.. Naomi and I were looking after her dog, who'd just come back from hospital with stitches, so we had to keep an eye on her and make sure she was okay... At one point, I just lay down on the floor and she came to lie down with me, it was very sweet - she's a lovely puppy really :o)

We had a good lie-in together on Saturday, before I then headed back into London for our whole AMA Meet-Up thing.

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Given that Twilight has got hordes of stupid girls obsessively dribbling out of their vaginas, I'd say the spirit of the book has been adapted perfectly.

The spirit has clearly been captured correctly, but it's still a most heinous corruption of what was meant to be a relatively cohesive and logical (if terribly written) story.

I love that you are 'outraged' by the Twilight movie. That is fucking gold.

Sounds like you guys had an awesome time. I wish I could've been there!

The Clink! That's where I stayed for a few days in London, woo. It's definitely a...different place.

The AMA meet-up totally should have been last month. Boo.

You didn't even mention when you were in London, so it wouldn't have helped :oP

Pssshhhh, I did too.

...Just not right before I actually went. :D

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