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Oh no!
Gabby is going to kill Jen, and I can't stop her!!!!!

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i decided against it...maybe later where you can't see me do it. = ) *evil laugh*

Please don't. I'd miss her :o(

You're a man. Stop her!

Indeed, the proof of which I shall never demonstrate to you :oP

You mean you never knew? ;)

I have connections in the russian mafia. 500 USD and the gabby problem is solved......

I'm tempted.... But I think the problem is now resolved... :o)

It is.
When do I receive the other half of the payment?

I have already eaten it. Sorry.

Damnit! Ahh well, your loss :(

dispatches winged monkeys

Fly my pretties!!!

evil laughter

*pours water over Dave*

Well that was relatively simplistic...


Dave's spirit: Dammit, foiled again!

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