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Did I mention yet how much I hate swallowing tablets? It's really not pleasant. Just done another round of three more tablets - back to my medicated state. Next batch ought to be due at around 1:30am, or whenever. But I feel a bit better, which is something. Now, the ultimate question - do I go to the shop and buy food, or stay in? Perhaps I have food here that I can eat. Let's investigate...

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(Deleted comment)
They don't deliver to the University :o(

(Deleted comment)
Try swallowing amoxycillin 150mg. Those things are like bricks.

Gives me a whole new appreciation for the female of the species <G>

Um, I don't think I want to try swallowing bricks. But thanks anyway :o)


There's an interesting comparison, which will no doubt make me feel so much better next time I have to dose myself up :o(

I wouldn't stress too much. A year ago I couldn't even take a paracetamol, I had to scrunch them up and drink them.

But since May 11th 2000 I've been on 3 tablets a day, so I've kind of got the hang of it. Let's see..holy shoot. That's like 897 tablets. Yoink.

No, nor could I - it was only when I was in hospital for something and they asked me to take a tablet that I had to teach myself how...

If you don't mind my asking (because I seem to have missed it), what are you actually on?

I hate swallowing tablets too, so looks like I'm not the only one. :)

"Did I mention yet how much I hate swallowing tablets"

No. I hope that clears that problem up for you!


Oh well, be thankfull that you only have to do this until you're better, I'm on huge, fowl tasting tablets once a day for at least the next 6 months and have already been on them for a few months...

How come everyone but me are on medication?

Im not dosed up!

Hmm... Are we missing something? : )

ewwwy.. tablets are nasty and they hurt the throat. hiya. i'm stephies friend. anyways .your a cutie. and i agree with the tablet thingys. nasty!

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