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Some Things....
Had some weird dreams/hallucinations. I say that because I know that for at least two of them, I wasn't actually asleep. So let's go.....
  1. I had this weird thing where I decided to chop off my arm, Red Dwarf style. So I got a laser out, and chopped my right arm into little pieces. Then I decided to stop, and check what Winamp was doing, and suddenly my arm was back again, and I was awake and normal again. Weird hallucination that.
  2. I then had a dream with many Frasiers. As in, Kelsey Grammer's character from Cheers and Frasier. Two of them were being really childish, and a third said "I'm the real Frasier, because I'm not acting like a big kid". Really odd. But I was still awake, I'm sure of it...
  3. Then I had an actual dream, where I was holding Jen around her waist, while stood behind her, and kissing her left cheek. Felt so soft, it was lovely.... But then I woke up, which annoyed me - wish I could go back to that....
  4. Then I had a dream where the University I attended was, in fact, my old school. I was there with Ben, Oliver, Matthew and Phil, and the school day seemed to be more or less 3:40pm to 6pm. After a load of weird stuff, including me taking down some posters, and deciding to only go to AI, rather than seeing my maths teachers again, this younger guy pushed me, and threatened me. I was actually really pleased at this, I felt that it was a positive step forward when the young are no longer afraid to stand up for themselves (even if it was unjustified).
Very odd...

Anyhow, I've had a nice long nap, and I may have another in a minute. I'm feeling better, but I don't know if that's just getting better, or whether it's the medication, or whether its the copious amounts of sleep and fluids that I've been getting. Whatever the reason, I'm pleased :o)

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those are some what very odd and scary dreams. i sometimes dream the same. it is the worst when you see something that you saw in your dream and its in reality. thats some freaky shit.

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