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Well, after waking up feeling just as shite as last night (despite drinking lots of water), my father managed to convince me to go to the doctor. This first involved me registering there, since I'd not gotten round to doing that yet. So anyhow, I did, and managed to get a cancellation timeslot so I could see the nurse. She diagnosed me with flu.

Bugger it. I don't want the flu, I want to feel well, even if it means I have to do work. Right now, I can't do my work at all - you've seen the appalling state of my typing - I type so quickly that it's all done subconsciously - useful, until your subconscious starts fucking up, and you type the wrong words entirely for no apparent reason. I dread to think how many errors there are in this post already...

Anyway, I'm not going to do my work. I'm now heavily medicated, and I'm just going to sleep or something. I can't even do my work anyway - along with being unable to type (and for programming, that's a really bad thing), I'm also unable to think. I was listening to MP3s this morning, and one of my favourite songs came on - I couldn't even recognise it until it got to the chorus. There is something seriously messed up with my head.

One thing that was good - I managed to swallow all the tablets I needed to take in one go (well, as in, each tablet down in one, rather than all at once). It's been quite some time since I've swallowed tablets, and it's never been especially easy for me, but I managed fine. Hooray.

Anyhow, I'm going to try to get some rest. What I need right now is rest and fluid.... I'll be online later, I expect - once the medication starts to really kick in, I'll be able to handle going on the computer (even if my typing and mind are still both messed). I shall keep you all informed of how I'm feeling, whether you like it or not :o)

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You eat *tablets* because of the bloody flu? Do you know why bacteria become resistant to medication? Influenza is a disease which the human body is well capable of handling by itself, and should handle by itself, and if your doctor prescribed you medication because of the flu, then your doctor, IMNSHO, sucks.

WTF? Why the hell was I logged in as Jen? I'm sure I was logged in as me last time I checked...


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