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Um, hooray?
I fell asleep. I dread to think what buttons I was hitting in my sleep, but various windows she should never have been maximized were, which suggests the mouse was doing stuff....

Anyhow, yes, waiting for Jen, I took the keyboard and mouse across to my bed, and had a quick lie down. Fell asleep about two hours ago - curse my illness. So I practically missed her - woke up with just enough time to say hello etc., and then she was gone again. But I spoke to her, that's the main thing :o)

Anyhow, need real sleep now, or will die. This is fact :o)

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but various windows she should never have been maximized were

........ various windows she should've never been maximized? Hmm, what she has been over at your house maximixing windows, James? ;o)

I am tired and I have a fever. I am therefore unable to make my hands type properly. Kiss my ass :oP

I meant to say "that", or perhaps "which".

just look after yourself....thats all I ask. Drink water, eat alittle and take lots of sleep untill you feel better. Or I get the cotton wool out! Feel better, baby :-)

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