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The Eternal Question
Keep clothes on, and continue burning up alarmingly, or get naked, and suffer from rheumatic pains. You decide!

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rheumatic pains all the way.

Go run free and janglie.

OK then - you get the first webcam pics ;o)

ooo promises promises you big butch beastie.

You know, all you have to do is ask, and the webcam pics are yours ;o)


I heard nothing, and said nothing ;o)

Oh Azz, you big tease you - stop playing with my emotions so ;o)

You're so cruel - you don't take me seriously :o(

I do try to see you as more than just a big hunk of sexy meat, but I fail. So stop ya yapping and give us that tongue baby


Get naked and dance on the highway.

Keep your clothes on when you're sick, you twit, because you'll suffer more if you catch a chill right now.

And quit bloody well asking questions that make me spew out this 'motherly' crap ;-)

yeah I mean, your not sure if you want to mother him or look at his ass :oP


My arse can't be that good - she told me to keep my kit on :o(

Piss off, I was trying to avoid mentioning that. 8-)

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