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Right, here we go...
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday dear Daddy
Happy Birthday to You

Sorry I can't be there to celebrate with you... :o(

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It is?!?!?!?!?

Happy Birthday, Mr Webley!</i>
(ugh, that makes it sound like you're 100 ... sorry, dear, I have no idea what your first name is ;-) )

*big sympathetic hug for James* Don't worry, sweetie, you'll make it up to him.

Thank you! My first name is Keith, but oldgit seems far more appropriate somehow

:-(( <- self portrait, just ask James


A tissue?(that is a paper hankerchief not a sneeze)

Keith! Hmm, I'd feel selfconscious calling you 'oldgit', but 'Keith' just seems too familiar with you don't call yourself that here. %-) You might be stuck with being 'James' dad' for a while yet. ;-)

Oof, such an unhappy self-portrait! Glad you told me it was that, I thought it was a UFO hovering over you ... ah, the limitations of ASCII .... ;-)

I hope you're having a wonderful birthday and being spoiled in a fitting manner?

Happy birthday Mr Webley, hope your dais nice and that your 2 far more pleasent children help that along. Oh and thanks for teh directions, its my crappy sense of space that needs sorting out.

Thank you, Rebecca.

One could almost say that James is being nice to me by living 90 miles away ;-)

But as he is poorly, I'm being very fatherly towards hime. Of course, all that changes next week when he comes home.

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