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Icky icky icky....
No, I'm not a Knight who until recently said Ni, I am merely not very well.

Let's see, symptoms... Well, my throat is hurting, and half closing up, not to mention the fact that I can't breathe through my nose, and my head is pounding, and I generally feel just yuck. Blah :o(

This has put me very much in mind of some dwarves.... Right now, I'm feeling grumpy, sneezy, sleepy, dopey. Ick...

Ho hum, I expect I'll get better soon. In being ill, I'm missing Harry's birthday celebrations, but heck, can't help that. If I can barely walk, then I certainly can't go into Brighton to the cinema.


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Woah, I had the EXACT same thing last week. Could it have traveled to England that fast?! Man, I wanted to die! Hope you feel better soon.

I know how you feel, i have the same symptoms as you.. = ( hope you feel better.

Aww, sweet of you - thanks :o)

Hope you feel better soon too :o)

Ah that explains it.

I had a call from happy, doc & bashfull saying they were jealous. Now I know why :-)

You are now far too old to make those sorts of jokes.

Happy birthday for 5 minutes' time, by the way :o)

Stop being ageist, or I'll hobble down to Brighton in my zimmer frame and shake my fist and you and tell you what it was like when I was your age and how things have change; you know we could leave our doors wide open all day and night and no-one would steal from you; and we had real money in those days, none of these p things; and the summers were always sunny and we had snow at Christmas; and......... well you get the idea

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