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Back to being happy again. Hate being a manic depressive - doesn't half screw with your mind... Right now, I'm grooving along to some quality Reggae... Sometimes I wish that, just for once, I could actually stay on the same emotion for more than about an hour... damned chemical imbalances, or whatever the thing is.... It's enough to depress one. No, wait, that's not right.......

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Helpful hints from Mr Byers

Reggae, eh?
Well, I shot the sheriff (but I did not shoot the deputy, mind you).

Anyway, perhaps the chemical imbalances would be somewhat resolved if lesser amounts of sugar were to be consumed(?)

You can thank me later.

... I hadn't, like, actually considered that. You may be onto something. Except, when I don't eat sugar, I feel odd... :o)

...you being odd is a irreversible actuality regardless of the amounts of sugar which may or may not be devoured. =)

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