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(no subject)
Wait, what the shit..?

Mars have re-released the old Milky Way adverts from either the late eighties or early nineties.. That's just so weird..

They've swapped some words around now.. Originally the blue car, who "took the Milky Way", was referred to as "smart old blue". He's now described as "good old blue" instead.

Also, where previously it said "'cause he knows it won't spoil his appetite" it now goes "'cause he knows it's something that tastes just right". Perhaps they can't make the appetite claims any more..?

They've re-recorded the whole song, obviously, and seem to have put it into a weird time signature so as to take out the beats that didn't have words over them, which makes the whole thing feel awfully rushed, but still..

Ah, nostalgia :o)

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Woah that's weird...

Also, since I just found the two version on youtube... I'd guess they had to change the 'smart' to 'good' so they're not implying that eating Milky Way improves your intelligence?

Because it clearly fucking doesn't - that advert inspired me to eat 20 a day when I was a lad and look what happened to me :(

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