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(no subject)
Ugh, did you know that when sleeping on the kitchen floor, in front of the tumble dryer, it becomes next to impossible to hear the rather loud ringtone on two different mobile phones?

I did not know this until last night. I mean, I checked - the fuckers buzz against the floor, and make noise, and I just sleep right through it. Turns out the combination of the appliance's whirring noise, the exhaust of warm air, and the smell of clean clothes puts me into some sort of coma, from which it is difficult to wake :o\

Consequently, I very nearly missed speaking to Naomi last night during her 3am lunch break, in spite of having stayed up specifically for the purpose of talking to her - oops... :o\

So yeah, note to self.. if I'm wanting to be awake for something, or at least not so deeply asleep that I can wake up for it, don't be sleeping in front of the tumble dryer. It doesn't work out...

Plan for today? Walking. Possibly...

In passing, this is a bad idea.

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I sleep through all my cell phone alarms. It's embarrassing. Just last night I missed bar-hopping because I stupidly relied on my cell phone to wake me up from a nap.
Good thing Mark lent me his alarm clock, because that's the only thing that can wake me up for my 8am class.

I really want Ed to take a picture of you sleeping on the kitchen floor.

Who sleeps on the kitchen floor?

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