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(no subject)
Ugh, it's been another one of those mornings..

That is to say, nothing overtly bad has actually happened - quite the contrary, it's all been fine. But once again I find myself getting those pangs of missing Naomi - you'd hope that after a year living apart, I'd be used to them, but apparently not. Inconvenient...

It's reached a point now where I'm counting down the days, which is kind of tricky since we don't know exactly when we'll be moving in yet, but it can be no more than 52 days now. And the date we're aiming for is in 31 days, which my brain calculates to be four weeks from this coming Friday. Or it's seven weeks from Friday. I mean, either way, it's not too far off.

It gets frustrating though - there are a good three years of my life that I can't spend time thinking about, because it just makes me feel sad. A vast amount of what it really meant to be living in Cardiff and Bristol was the fact that I was living with Naomi.. It was central to where my life was at that time, so it's rather difficult to think of it without taking that into account. Even thinking about being in my old office makes me think of heading over to M&S after work to pick up some dinner, before meeting Naomi on her walk home from work..

It's funny to think that we'll (very probably) never again both live within walking distance of our respective workplaces, walking to work together, walking home together... Not without a major career move on my part anyway, because it's not likely that I'd ever live within walking distance of this office anyway...

So in a sense, some of the things that I miss aren't ever coming back. But the main thing, the feeling of living together in our own place - that's no more than 52 days away now... :o)