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(no subject)
Good job, idiots, way to elect the BNP to represent you in Europe.. You must be so proud..

So let's see, that's a BNP member on the London Assembly, a seat on a county council, and now an MEP. I can't wait for some idiots to think it's a good idea to elect one to the Commons, that would just be splendid, right..?

Just copying from Wikipedia (because any more official sources of information make me even more angry), this is a party that is
committed to stemming and reversing the tide of non-white immigration and to restoring, by legal changes, negotiation and consent the overwhelmingly white makeup of the British population that existed in Britain prior to 1948.
You voted for this?
It advocates the repeal of all anti-discrimination legislation, and restricts party membership to "indigenous British ethnic groups deriving from the class of Indigenous Caucasian".
The BNP proposes to reintroduce corporal punishment, and to make capital punishment available for paedophiles, terrorists and murderers. In addition to increasing military defence spending, the BNP plans to reintroduce compulsory national service. The BNP proposes that citizens should keep a rifle and ammunition in their homes.
Hang on...
The BNP opposed the introduction of civil partnerships in the United Kingdom. BNP spokesman Phil Edwards said homosexuality "is unnatural" and "does not lead to procreation but does lead to moral turpitude and disease". Alongside its suggestion that homosexuality "undermines social/marital cohesion by adding confusion", the BNP would make it unlawful to promote homosexuality and "return it to the closet where it belongs"
So yeah, well fucking done for voting in the most intolerant of all the viable parties. In fact, well done for making the part viable in the first place, rather than living out on the fringes where it belongs.

The arguments against voting BNP are so self evident that I can just get away with not bothering with them. Instead, I'll keep it simple - to anybody who voted BNP, or thought about voting BNP - fuck you.

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Why it's just like the US! ;)

The BNP proposes to reintroduce corporal punishment

:-/ Have the BNP ever considered an alliance with the Catholic Church? They'd make wonderful Christian brothers..

Both organisations seem to want to keep the buggering of children out of the public eye, though the BNP seem to advocate the death penalty of the priests are caught, so possible source of tension right there....

What a disgusting party.

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