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(no subject)
I doubt I'm the first to notice it, but people have been doing something rather clever on Twitter...

It looks rather like networks of disposable bots have been going around adding people, and working out which users will automatically add them back. Presumably if you add back within an hour, you go onto some sort of list.

Then other networks of bots that are actually going to be used show up. They refer to these lists, add say 50,000 people off them, get added back by 50,000 people, and suddenly they have 50k mutual friends. And look like credible users, rather than just bots.

It's quite a clever plan really - using users' own settings against them. Why bother creating fake users to befriend your bots to make them look real when you can use the real population of the site?

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Yea lame bots. I always check to make sure it is a real person on the other end. Why bother having 50,000 "people" if you are never going to reply on any of their messages?

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