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(no subject)
Oh yes, it's that time again...

Absolute knob, but in the way that actually rather appeals to me, so that's fine.. Ultra-rich, and has a real posh arrogance and seems to want to be really annoying..

Just.. no. I'm sorry, if I wanted mohawk'd blokey lesbians then I'd move back to Brighton. Basically a copy of Tracy from a couple of years ago. People in the crowd are shouting "Av it!" and everything.. Except in the face, where she looks just like former winner Pete. Such a terribly original housemate....

Ugh.. Dim, obvious, inarticulate - pretty much everything that causes me to write a girl off. Page 3 girl - like we need to see more of those on Big Brother. Again, unoriginal. Always open to being proved wrong if she turns out to be kind of witty and looks good without the makeup, but I really won't hold my breath.. Still, Aisleyne managed to beat my expectations....

So far, the toff is the only one who seems likeable...

Pretty boy, seems kind of dim, but laid back, and inoffensive enough for the time being at least.. Oh look, the tarty girl likes his hair.. Hooray! Maybe they can have some sub-normal children...

Half Irish, half Kenyan, and fairly attractive. She doesn't necessarily seem like a great person, but people often look a bit crap in their audition videos - at least she doesn't seem stupid.

He's a yank, quite eccentric, kind of cool.. Kind of can't help but like him - he's a fan of purple pimp outfits and everything...

The toff just explained to Cairon "I'm from the countryside!" - I can relate :o)

Uh.. Butch Russian boxer. I think she's a woman. It's sort of hard to tell... She's one of those filler housemates who doesn't add much value, but still has an impact on the dynamic. Her outfit is ridiculous.

Scottish "betch". Unattractive nose, harsh face, likes footballers, generally a bit unpleasant. Apparently an FHM Highstreet Honey - I can see how she'd appeal to that demographic... I don't know if I'll bother learning the difference between her and Sophie, there may be no point.

Oh dear.. He's a comicbook geek who sets fire to his own face because he's heroic. Or something... Seems like a pillock. I really don't have much to say about these people, there just isn't anything interesting about them...

She's all "I'm a Pakistani Muslim!", who doesn't really cover up or go to Mosque or anything.. Right.. Didn't we have the whole "embarrassment to Islam" thing last year with Alexandra/Mo? Apparently she's single because men are scared of her. To look at her, I can see why - she has a bit of the Winehouse about her...

She seems ever so slightly mad, but doesn't like WAGs, which kind of helps a bit.. She looks ever so slightly like a small child... And she squeals like one too... Oh my God this is getting tedious.. FFS, shut up already!

He's Brazilian, and he has ever such nice eyes.. But he's one of those daytripper bisexuals, and that gets a bit obnoxious.. And he looks like a tiny little boy...

Gay Geordie, quite likeable, very hyperactive, but in the fun/funny way, so it's all good.. I'm tipping this one to win. It would fit..

The two interchangeable blondes are standing next to one another, chatting away.. it's like a match made in heaven. The Scottish one is made to look especially ugly in the face by the other one. I wonder how long it'll be before they're sticking the knives into one another...

She's.. okay... I really am running out of ways to describe bland, unremarkable people. Phonetically now, we have a "Soe fee", a "Soe fee uh" and a "Suh fye uh". Do we really need so many near-homophones?

A Hindu from India, who wants to learn to interact with people of different races. He's a student union president, so I'm not sure what additional exposure to diversity Big Brother can really offer.. Seems nice enough though, if a bit light on the whole personality...

He's what David Gest would look like if he was from Iran, and was a fair bit younger. Absolutely pointless man. He's an "event planner" or something, which really says it all about his contribution to the world...

It's ever so desperately multi-cultural. Only half the contestants are white Brits. Not that this is, in itself, a bad thing. But it does sort of feel like they're trying rather hard. Black folks? Check. Indians? Check. Middle East? Check. Africans? Check. Americans? Check. Russians? Check. South Americans? Check. Muslims? Check. Hindus? Check. Bravo, by superficially combining a load of people from different backgrounds, you win The Diversity Game!

Thus far, liking Freddie, Noirin, Cairon, Rodrigo and Charlie...

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Stop watching BB you utter cretin.

Right. Because I'll bet any money that what you did between 9pm and 10:30pm was such a more worthy application of your time and effort, right..? :oP

How many more times do you want to fit "ever so" into one post? ;)

I mostly agree with you here. I can't really remember which names go with who, but your descriptions helped my memory slightly.

Immediately dislike: Angel, the single mum (and not because she's a single mum, obviously), the Irish girl and the "alpha female".

Wolverine looks fun. The first blonde girl to go in was very beautiful, but I don't remember much else about her. And I'll like the little banking girl if she promises to never get excited again.

Everyone else was kinda meh.

So far, there's nothing too exciting to keep me hooked.

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