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Work at RM
Hmm, I could do that - assembling PCs. Easy....

6.00am - 2.30pm (1am to 9:30am EST)
2.30pm - 10.30pm (9:30am to 5:30pm EST)

Right. Let's see how I can organise those around... somebody... ;o)

Well, on Shift A, what if I go to bed when I get home at 3:30pm - that gives me, say 8 hours of sleep, until about midnight. I then stay up, talking to a certain person. The alternative is going to bed at about 8pm every day. Frankly, these both suck in terms of talking to Jen. I'm not a fan of that.

On the other hand, the other shift is quite nice. I get to be home at about midnight, I would guess, which gives me about three hours. But still, it still kinda sucks. Frankly, the only way I can work this is by being awake every day from Midnight to 3am. I can manage that, but I'll miss her...


On the other hand, if I can do this job, it makes money a lot better, which means that seeing her in the summer will be vastly easier. Plus, I can write her e-mails, and the job has "Free access to on-site Internet Cafe" - that'll at least give me a chance to do stuff during my break (like e-mails, LJ)....


More in restricted posts later, perhaps :o)

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Hold your horses sonny Jim. You haven't got the job yet!

Indeed - but if I did have it, those are the plans I would make.

You know I always plan ahead, right? :o)

i love the fact that you're putting thought into this and actually planning. but don't worry about me too much, because i may be getting a job and be working totally conflicting hours (yeah, right, i've been "getting a job" for months now...)

anyway, doesn't matter too much, just a thought


Well if there's any way that I can talk to you as much as I can, then I'm certainly going to do it. I can fit around whatever schedule you have, I'm sure :o)

Building PCs would be the kind of job I wouldn't mind doing over the hols but there's not much chance of that around here... :(

At college, where I work in I.T. services, have RM machines and it's pretty good.

However, building PCs can get boring as you'd be doing it all over again and again, just like a robot building cars.

But, of course, good luck anyway.

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