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(no subject)
Straight out of my inbox - riddle me this..
Celebrate their graduation with iPod.

They studied hard. Now let them play hard.

Mark your grad's big day with a new iPod. Visit your local Apple Retail Store or order online for free engraving and shipping.

Goodbye, finals. Hello, fun.

Give your grad something fun to do now that school's out. iPod touch has all the entertainment one person can handle. Games, apps, movies, TV shows, the web - with so many exciting features, it's like tons of graduation gifts in one.
That's swell, Apple, really it is. They then go on to tell me that the brilliantly coloured iPod nano would represent "a gift as bright as their future", or that Graduation "is no small feat", just like the new iPod shuffle. Then follows a selection of other ideas, like gift vouchers for graduates, or graudation-themed engravings..

Right, that's lovely. Honestly. But why the fuck are you sending this to me? I'm 27, you idiots. I don't have a "grad". Assuming they mean university, they're presuming that my partner is six years younger than me - have they inferred this from my taste in music? Does listening to Gary Puckett and the Union Gap label me as a cradle snatcher, perhaps..?

Or do they perhaps mean "graduating" from GCSEs? In which case, I suppose the assumption is that I had a child at 11. Dare I ask which songs suggest that to them?

Just from a Marketing perspective (capital M and everything), it's a really rubbish e-mail.. If you don't have enough data on your customers or prospects to target them with something relevant, then send them something general. Don't send them something that's relevant to other people. Unless they actually suspect that I have a child or partner who is due to graduate, why on earth would they waste my time, their time, their money, and their relationship with me, on an e-mail that is wholly irrelevant to my needs as a customer?

I rate this e-mail 1/10.

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I must agree. I am 20. Two years after graduating high school and two years from graduating college. Yet I, too, received that email.
I am single, the youngest my parents had, and my next brother graduated from college two years ago. So I am, obviously, the perfect recipient of this email, too.

(Deleted comment)
Let's just say that the probability of me recommending their products and services to others have been dented by this failure to understand me and my needs :o(

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