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A few points
Gave up chocolate the other day. Hoping to go the month of June without eating it. Further hoping that by mentioning it here, it'll actually happen - a few times lately I've had a go at giving it up, only to find myself buying it absentmindedly later.. Is that all one word?

Worked out that in the last week, I walked 27 miles. Granted, this does not represent the quickest marathon ever completed, but still, I think it's a pretty respectable tally. I'm hoping that this exertion, coupled with the lack of chocolate, will help. I haven't eaten cheese in a while either...

I'm doing wonders with my little website thing.. I've built it in such a way that you can double click on content that you own, and it turns it into a text field where you can edit it, update it, and then re-submit it. It's seriously neat.. Trying to use it for working on these lists of things to do, since I want to make them very easy to edit, but also have them published live, so...

While I'm rambling, the radio pissed me off earlier.. some idiot on BBC Radio 4 managed to suggest that the UK is euro-sceptic because we're the only island. Turns out Éire doesn't actually exist or something - perhaps we own it now? I mean, it would be impossible, surely, for an island to want to join the Eurozone, right..? He further went on to say that we're also the only country who didn't experience any invasion type nonsense during the second world war.. Now forgive me if I'm wrong, but oh, there's Ireland again, and hey, Switzerland didn't get invaded either, and wasn't Spain technically neutral too? I just don't understand what the point is in making stuff up in order to excuse the fact that we're just a bit xenophobic here, and don't like the idea of anyone else making decisions for us. If you're going to be making excuses for the euro-sceptics, then you kind of need to be okay with owning your prejudices...

And in closing news, I'm trying to do a DITL today.. The good old-fashioned picture version. Should be fun :o)

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So you're saying that the correlations between conservatives and dicks, and between liberals and pussies, has been proven?

This is unsurprising.

Sweden was also technically neutral, whereas Norway was occupied and isn't even a member of the EU, so I don't really follow the logic on that.

Just imagine chocolate doing horrible things to the insides of your body. Worked for me, at least. Now I have NO intention of giving up cheese. This current ban on creamy, delicious soft French cheese is killing me.

If I was listening to a radio show that said that the UK was the only island in the EU, I'd throw the radio out the window and write a long letter of complaint X-( Oh wow, look! Offended! :-O But not by you, so it doesn't count :)

But not by you, so it doesn't count

Ahaha, irrelevant. I've found my opening :o)

All I have to do now is find myself a job with a major (preferably English) broadcaster, and then use my position to try to erase you, your people, and your country, from the public consciousness.

You really might as well give up now, admit defeat, and petition for British citizenship ;o)

Haha, right :-P I don't think I'll give up just yet, given that you don't yet have such a job. I'll bide my time.

Okay, but when I start having official AMA broadcasts announcing to the 5,000 members that "Ireland" was a fiction created by England to explain why we kept blowing ourselves up for sympathy, and further announce that this is why the accents sound so very silly, you'll know that I've made my first move :o)

Admittedly, I will :) But still, biding my time.

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