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(no subject)
Oh damn, it finally happened..

I really have run out of places to walk to. There isn't a public footpath for two miles around my house that I haven't walked on - for those who aren't so big with the maths, that's twelve square miles worth of "been there, done that".

So I'm not really sure what that leaves me with.. I really would like to get out and about, top up my tan, maybe take some photos.. Perhaps go up into the hills, or maybe to the quarry, though I'd kind of like to go swimming there, which is probably a bad idea..

Ugh, I dunno.. Anybody want to give me any suggestions for stuff to do while I have a nice bath? That would be splendid (though unexpected).

Must.. find.. motivation...

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Anybody want to give me any suggestions for stuff to do while I have a nice bath?

hahahaha Oh, I think you can handle that on your own!

To answer your question as I think you meant it, I find my biggest motivation to repeat terrain often is timing myself. By sticking to the same routes, you can gauge your improvement (stamina, cardiopulmonary effort, etc) by your times.

Imagine me shaking my head and judging you.. :oP

The problem is, it's a lovely day, meaning hot, so trying to get somewhere quickly is just going to make me sweaty (and after a nice soak in the bath, that's not so great), and it sort of defeats the point of being out there in the first place, being to enjoy my surroundings..

I don't want to turn fun into exercise ;o)


Well in that case, you should call Alex. He wanted to go to the beach today, but said it was going to be "too windy to relax". Perhaps you can go snuggle up and keep him warm :D

Yeah, if I set off now, I'll get to his by about 6pm. That doesn't seem like such a good deal, the day will be over, and I'll have spent it sitting around on trains waiting to finally get to the arse end of nowhere. I think, on balance, I'd prefer to stay here :o)

I am thoroughly pleased that you made no objection to the idea of cuddling him! This is most excellent :D

It's not like we've never done it before... Though his recollection of Amsterdam and mine differ on several key points :o\

Oh please, feel free to fill me in on the details of your side of the story, anytime! I mean, its comforting to know that at least somebody wants to make him feel all warm and fuzzy inside ;)

Oh no, I was in it for myself...

And it's not like there was anything else to be doing - we had a snoring German keeping us awake after all....

I got really hot in the end - even with the breeze it's marvellously warm. My attempt to be in some way adventurous and climb one of the great big oak trees around the corner didn't go quite so well, however, and now I'm covered with scrapes. Still, the rest of the walk was nice.

You need to make a video of each and every path now. Every. Last. One.


You are cordially invited to bite me. In the non-vampire way :oP

I don't think they'd be especially interesting... :o(

Why would that be a bad idea?

Well, for starters, there's only one of me, which means nobody could watch over my stuff while I was swimming. Secondly, it's a really hot day, and a weekend, so all the scummy teenagers in the village who don't mind trespassing are probably there already... Thirdly, as a wuss, I'm not entirely up for breaking into a disused quarry and just going for a swim in God knows what, even if it does seem really nice in there.. :o)

Omg, you big pussy! I would totally be in there right now. I bet it's gorgeous and clean.

... except for, y'know, the rusty metal remains of old quarry equipment, and the chavs who'll be making a nuisance of themselves there... :oP

Well, you know what they say...

To make an omelet, you gotta break some eggs.

(I was woken up really early.)

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