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(no subject)
Too little, too late, fuckers - you were shit, your Ukrainian support monkeys were shit, and I kind of hope you fold, painfully, because I'm a petty little tosser like that.

Right, with that out of the system...

I walked home from the station, rather than catching the bus. This saved me a grand total of £1, which I then invested in fluids to sustain my walk (costing £1.09). I was tricked by the false economy :o(

So the walk went like this, and it was rather good fun - I got myself a little lost a couple of times, which is always nice for a bit of variety.. Passed through a couple of fields full of Painted Lady Butterflies, some of which thought it would be a good idea to land on me, which was kind of neat.. even if they are basically just great big bugs :o)

So this evening has been relatively slow, as I've been relaxing after my minor exertion (okay, four and a half miles is hardly that much, but still, with a heavy backpack it's not trivial)..

I eagerly anticipate a weekend of doing work, and adding to my list of things to do :o)