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Poke her face..?
I'm rather disturbed upon listening to the lyrics for Just Dance by Lady GaGa.. It's clear that what this poor woman is describing is an encounter with date rape drugs, and possibly some sort of abuse scenario.

She starts off talking about how she's in a bad state, her head is spinning, she's lost her keys and her phone, and thus can't call for help. This is not normal party behaviour. She then goes on to describe how she can no longer see straight, and doesn't even know the name of the venue she's in - she's in an incredibly vulnerable position here.

Throughout the chorus she chants to herself that everything is going to be okay, but by the next verse, she's wishing that she could keep control over herself, and remarks that her clothes are mysteriously inside out. I'm sorry to say, something terrible has happened to her during that chorus... She mentions getting "hosed" - the imagination runs riot :o\

Then we have an interlude by an unidentified male, who appears to be using technology to obscure his real voice, describing how he wants to "hit it" (in relation to the women at the club). He also suggests that GaGa ought to leave the club with him later, though as far as I can tell, the damage is already done - by the end of the song, she seems to be having some sort of breakdown :o(

I mean, this is a vulnerable woman, telling herself over and over that everything is going to be okay, while describing what is surely every woman's worst nightmare. And they sell these records to kids?!

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Did you get so deep and introspective to hide the fact that you're listening to crap? :)

Don't dismiss her cry for help as crap :o(

I'd apologize but... maybe she wants the danger.

Perhaps she's a Bella.

I might agree, except as a man I'd only be accused of victim-blaming. This is the Internet after all :o\

And then I'd have to get all feminist on you.

Good job choosing your battles.

What's up with her?

There has been a sudden burst of interest about her.

The recent one was this


Any insights into the true meaning of 'Poker Face'?

Would you believe, that's next on my list.. While I do technically own the song, I haven't downloaded it from my "locker" yet.. Now I'm a little afraid of what I might uncover :o\

Just try to stay strong while you listen to it :'( There must be a reason why she's trying so hard to conceal her emotions.

Not to mention the way she rhythmically chants "mama" at the beginning, as though calling out for a parent to comfort her....

"Russian roulette is not the same without a gun" :( Don't do it, Lady..

It's okay, if you listen on, you find that she's actually talking about a "love glue gun", which probably isn't lethal, just messy...

:-/ Oh yeah. Hm, I'm really not sure what to make of Lady GaGa..

Who knew she could be so mysterious and complex?

That is really messed up :/

Messed up that I interpreted it that way, or messed up that it can be interpreted that way..? :o)

that it CAN be interpreted that way ...
that's it. my kids are not listening to music ever.

If it helps, I'm pretty sure it takes a fairly "special" mind to hear it in those terms.... :o)

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