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And then the bottom dropped out from his world....
Oh, irony of all ironies - just when my life gets perfect, something comes along and fucks me about. My job for Easter has fallen through, it looks like - indeed, that's £1000 that I won't be earning. That sort of messes about with my life a bit. Suddenly, I realise that my debts are unlikely to go away any time soon, which is rather annoying.

So let's look at my options at this point. Well, the MD of the company I usually work for has said he'll call me sometime this week if he can find work for me in the company, but I'm not entirely optimistic. I don't see it being all that likely that he'll find anything if he hasn't got anything already lined up for me to do. So what else could I do? Well, the answer is, more or less, sweet fanny adams. Last summer when looking for a job, I applied to many agencies, and many companies, and only got one response - from the company I was meant to work for now. I don't think that the above means of getting employment are helping me much. Granted, that was before I had my AAAB grades, but even so, those aren't going to help much if there's no work for me. I'd end up stacking boxes for five weeks like they tried to get Dan to do, and frankly, I'd sooner leave university and get an entry level computing job than have to support myself by that means. Snobbish? Yes, but frankly, I know that I can accomplish so much more, and refuse to let that go to waste.

So, what am I going to do? Well, right now, annoying as it is, I think the only solution is having my parents bail me out. Thankfully, they're in a position to do that right now, and although I'd much rather they didn't have to, it's probably my only option. Naturally, by way of paying them back for it, in addition to paying the money back in full (with interest), I shall spend the entire Easter holidays (if I don't find work) "helping out". This includes (but is not limited to) cleaning the house from top to bottom, going to my grandparents' house and helping out as much as I can with them, perhaps gardening for both my parents and grandparents, and assorted other things. Free of charge. At least then I can justify my pride by actually doing something, and to be honest, it'd be something I'd enjoy. On warm days, I could be outside gardening, cold days, I can be indoors, helping my mother with cooking, cleaning, that sort of thing. Ought to be rewarding, if not financially. Plus, I expect there are things that need doing that my mother simply doesn't have the time or energy to do - I shall help.

I'll find a way to afford next term at Uni. Then it's the summer, and I'll certainly have a job for that. Well, except for during the time I spend with Jen (which I am certainly doing - no money troubles are going to stop that - I'm resourceful :o)

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You going to try the agencies again now that you've got A-levels behind your belt? If not then the helping out does sound like a good idea : )

And how long's your next term? You seem to be a uni longer than anyone else I know...

Why not see if you can get a lift with Chris during Easter to work at RM in Abingdon?

Okay... let's say aliens abduct your dad's brain and replace it with my mother's, and he's basically said 'dream on, you little shit - you HAVE to work over Easter'.

So now what? ;-)

Then I kick his ass, and seek my mother's more compassionate advice instead :o)

They'd have to look bloody hard to find it. Mind you if they did it would be worth loads of intergalactic credits because, and yes I can tell you can see this one coming......... it's hardly been used. Boom boom!

And how did you know that's exactly what I intend to say to James? ;-)

Re: Abduct my what???

*laughing aloud*

A wild hunch ... although I doubt you'll say it, you'll just THINK it halfheartedly. ;-) Unless James gets in the habit of not getting jobs during breaks, then I can very easily imagine it being said ... 8-)

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